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All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling in Mallorca

It was a stunning September  day – plenty warm enough for the wedding ceremony to be held in the St.Deny’s Sleaford Parish Church, and for the guests to make the most of a sunny drinks Reception before heading in to the venue for dinner.

Anastasija & Andrius are such a warm and  sweet couple, it was a day packed full of laughter and celebration. It was great fun to be there and see it all unfold. We hope you enjoy some of the highlights below.

Love and congratulations to Mr & Mrs Gedminai!

Small-wedding-day-sleaford_01 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_03 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_04 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_05 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_12 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_11 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_10 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_09 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_08 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_13 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_19 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_18 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_17 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_16 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_15 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_20 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_26 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_24 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_23 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_21 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_34 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_33 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_32 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_30 Small-wedding-day-sleaford_29

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